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Academic Drive on OneIndexR


This website provides Cloud Storage Distribute Service for academic(non-interactive, unable upload), mainly for SRV Public Home and users who use for scientific research. Content pass by CDN speed up, ensure low delay and high speed.


-DS suffix folders are datasets. For example, longVideoDS is a long video dataset. In particular, the use of this dataset in training requires a large amount of video memory (VRAM) and memory (RAM), please always pay attention to the resource usage.



This website is a sub-site of SRV Public Home, the person in charge is the same as the main website.


Distribute content with this web for academic ONLY, may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. If you use this website service, You were deemed to agree to the terms.


第六条 通过信息网络提供他人作品,属于下列情形的,可以不经著作权人许可,不向其支付报酬:



According to the aforementioned "Regulations", the datasets and journals provided by this site are only used for scientific research in Mainland China, so they can be used for free without the author’s permission.



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